Our Services

Hi-Volt is the only battery wholesaler in Ireland that has a fully licensed and permitted recycling company within the group.(Battery Recycling Ltd)

As we are committed to protecting the environment, we offer a ‘Cradle to Grave’ service - we take back old or waste batteries.

As we are registered with WEEE Register, we are compliant under the Waste Management (Battery & Accumulators) Regulation SI 268 of 2008.

All retailers of batteries must be registered to take back old batteries by the relevant authorities. All battery importers must be registered on the WEEE registrar. Every importer of batteries must show a WEEE registration number on their invoices and delivery dockets.  

In addition, all retailers of batteries must provide conveniently located facilities for free take back of waste batteries and give them to a properly licensed company. The batteries collected are recycled using the best available technology.

Battery Recycling

Non-ferrous metals
We purchase all non ferrous metals, copper, lead, brass, aluminium, etc. Top prices are paid.

Catalytic Converters
We purchase scrap catalytic converters paying top prices. Our service: we will visit the customer premises and grade the converters, giving the prices there and then, payment is made same day.