Quality Control

Quality Control

With such a wide range of batteries, Hi-Volt is committed to superior quality control, intensive testing and staying abreast of latest technologies and innovations. This enables us to stand behind the quality of every battery we sell to our customers - regardless of your industry or sector.

Over the past 12 months, we have invested in two main areas - battery testing and charging. We have a fully equipped Bitrode testing laboratory, and a smart charging facility capable of charging up to 400 batteries at once which is the only one of its kind in Ireland.

Battery Testing Center

Hi-Volt test every batch of batteries received using the state of the art BI-TRODE testing equipment.

We are the only battery distribution company in Ireland with our own in house state of the art testing center. We can test batteries to SAE, DIN En standards. We can also test Ampere hour and Cycle life.
As market leaders we are in a position to quality test all our batteries put on to the Irish market. Giving our customers peace of mind.

We are always looking for new battery or related products to introduce, All new products are tested with our equipment so our customers can be assured of quality. We can also test batteries for customers and OEMs please contact us.

Battery Charging

Using our Smart Charging System all our automotive batteries are now charged before being sent to out to our customers.

The benefits of our intensive quality control system include:

  • We can guarantee the quality of every battery we sell
  • Only company in Ireland who can offer customers this level of reliability
  • Confidence that OE specifications are been meet by our suppliers
  • Charging helps identify any faulty battery before been sent to the customer
  • The battery is at its optimum state of charge before been fitted, maximizing starting current
  • Battery life is increased by removing any sulphation that may have accorded during shipping and storage
  • The battery shelf life is increased by up to 12 months