Autopac is the range of automotive batteries within the Ampac range. Autopac covers 98% of the required range for the car industry within Ireland. Autopac is manufactured to the highest standards, taking into account the demands of a modern vehicle.

Equipment such as climate control, sat-nav, heated windscreens etc. All of these place extra demands on your vehicles battery. Autopac is manufactured not only to meet but to exceed your vehicles requirements whatever they may be.


  • Each battery is date coded
  • Longer shelf life of all batteries
  • Extra cranking capacity because of Calcium Calcium technology
  • Extension warranty
  • Carry handle as standard
  • Consistent quality because of quality control systems in place


  • Petrol vehicles
  • Diesel vehicles
  • Light commercial vehicles
  • Plant equipment

Car owners can rely on the Autopac high quality product because it does exactly what it says - it offers premium technology and OE specification.