About the Probox Range

If you want more from your battery, including longer lifespan, greater efficiency, OE specifications and extra power and performance, then the Probox range is ideal. Hi-Volt maintains an ethos of protecting the environment by sourcing batteries manufactured according to ISO environmental standards. The Probox range is sourced globally to meet the specific needs of the Irish market.

Hi-Volt’s high level of commitment to the customer, both pre and post sale as well as the environment and technology, is reflected in its product range of batteries. This range was developed using Calcium Calcium technology, ensuring OE specifications are met and the Environment is protected.

Whether you drive a car, a speedboat, a motorbike or an RV, you can rely on the Probox range to operate more efficiently, giving you the best performance possible.


Probox batteries come with exclusive patented liquid gas separator. This ensures minimum acid leakage and reduces risk of explosion.

All batteries are made from strong polyprophlene plastic with carrying handles and date coding as standard. They come with centred cast-on-plate straps which maximises cranking current and reduces internal resistance thus adding strength to battery plates. They have a heat sealed cover, low resistance envelope separators and wrought lead calcium grids.


The use of the Probox range of batteries as supplied by Hi-Volt has many benefits. Some include:

  • Each battery is date coded so customers know exactly when the battery was fitted
  • There is a longer shelf life of all batteries due to the Calcium Calcium technology
  • Added cranking capacity needed during cold spells
  • Calcium grids resist internal corrosion, extending the life of the battery  
  • Probox batteries can be used in both light and heavy duty applications
  • An extensive warranty for peace of mind
  • An extensive range is available for all applications


We have the full range of batteries to cater for cars, commercial, agricultural, marine, plant, leisure, taxis, motorcycle, UPS and security markets. We have batteries to cater for every conceivable application.