Transpac represents our commercial vehicle battery range within the Ampac high quality range. Transpac is specifically manufactured to cater for heavy duty commercial applications where starting performance and long life span is required. Extra cranking amps and deep cycle construction insures reliability.

Transpac is manufactured keeping in mind the demands a modern commercial vehicle places on its electrical systems. Standard equipment such as inverters, night heaters, extra lights etc places significant extra demand on a commercial vehicles battery. Transpac meets and exceeds these requirements.


  • Heavy duty construction aimed at these demands
  • Deep cycle ability
  • Higher capacity
  • Increased cranking amps
  • Anti-vibration plate support for longer shelf life
  • Maintenance free construction
  • Longer shelf life


  • Heavy commercial vehicles
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Heavy plant and machinery

Maintenance free technology is employed to avoid time consuming battery maintenance and thus helps the bottom line for the commercial battery user.